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Hello from Mrs M - Tutor

Helping children learn is my passion!

I offer a personalized learning experience designed to accommodate students from Prep to Grade 6. I support your child to learn at their own pace with individualised content at my place on the Bellarine Peninsula. 


About Mrs M

A Resource for Anyone and Everyone

Jeanette Martin has been in the field of education across the past 5 decades. Teaching in all levels of Primary Schools around Victoria, she completed her career spending 14 years as a Primary School Principal. 

Jeanette's skills are now being made available to parents throughout Victoria, delivering tutoring in line with the Victorian public school curriculum. 

Jeanette offers specific tutoring services designed on point of need for your child and advice for you as a parent. 

Jeanette has a formal Victorian Institute of Teaching registration and this includes a current Working with Children Check.

In response to the COVID-19 restrictions, the Australian Government's statement regarding Schools, principle one says "Education is best delivered by trained professionals." 

Jeanette is a trained teaching professional who delivers dedicated teaching attention for your child.


Our Promise

What You Can Expect

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Improve Performance

Your child will build on successes and steadily improve their performance when they regularly participate in my tutoring sessions. The child's growth provides the pathway for challenges and educational focus. Your child will become more confident in their learning ability.

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Achieve Personal Goals

Every child is an individual with specific learning goals and challenges. Every child wants to achieve! My personalised approach identifies the challenges and the goals then targets work in these areas.


Go at Your Own Pace

My individualised approach allows each child to progress at their own pace. Assistance at point of need provides your child with specific guidance when they meet a learning challenge. This can help them to move on and achieve even more!



What They’re Saying


Mrs Martin always knew what a student needed and cared for everyone.

She pushed me to achieve my best not just in my education but in my personal

development as well. As a principal she always made sure that I felt understood and supported. Mrs Martin was a great teacher and I still remember the grammar lessons she used to give my class. She was very kind and fair to all, I still remember the joy when she brought in new toys for the sandpit.

Laura - Student

Mrs. Martin’s support and guidance during my final years of primary school were vital in helping me transition smoothly from primary to high school. Her ability to deliver the curriculum in an engaging and interesting way greatly improved my learning and left me well prepared for the next step in my educational journey.

Matthew - Student

As the parent of a student in Jeanette's year 6 class, I have nothing but praise for her approach to my son's education. Her methodology, firmness and fairness in the class setting perfectly aligned with the values and outcomes that we wanted for our child. Jeanette was always approachable, kept us well informed and I credit her with the success my son has had in his later studies.

Mark - Parent

Jeanette Martin is a unique human being. She has the perfect combination of empathy, knowledge and guidance. Her wide experience in education has provided her with the skills to help students thrive.My children, all of them at university now, owe her for their successful lives simply for the confidence they were always given to develop their own abilities. They always knew they had Jeanette Martin's 'absolute trust.'

Claudia - Parent

Jeanette develops a wonderful rapport with students and quickly connects and communicates at their level. She has a knack for explaining challenging topics in simplistic ways. I've lost count of the number of students who have said "I get it now," after a conversation with Jeanette. Any students who have the opportunity to work in an extended way with Jeanette are genuinely fortunate, as their confidence and abilities will soar.

Ingrid - Teacher

I have had the privilege to serve with Jeanette on a school council, and as such, I can vouch for her credentials as a teacher and communicator. Her dedication to her students, both individually and collectively, enabled them to achieve their best. Jeanette's communication skills enabled her to relate openly and honestly with both parents and students. This made her a great asset for the school council and is the reason we chose her to educate our son.

Mark - School Councillor 

Want to learn more about Mrs M Tutor and the latest updates? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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